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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. That’s a FAQ.

The World’s First Pizza Subscription

Is this really the world’s first pizza subscription service?

You bet it is. We thought it should have been a thing, too. So we made it one.

Can I try it before committing to a subscription?

We really recommend that you sign-up for a pizza subscription! There is no “minimum” commitment so in essence, you can sign-up and cancel at any time. 

But YES, if you’re hankering to try some frozen ‘za before our next monthly delivery run, you can either stop by the shop or find GA frozen pies in-store at fine grocers across Ontario.

How does a pizza subscription work?

You sign-up and create a GA pizza subscription account which lets you manage your subscription (e.g. switch up your pizzas, pause or cancel your subscription). You choose how many and which pies, we take care of the rest. We deliver your monthly stack of premium, natural leavened frozen GA pizzas at the beginning of each month.

How do I login to my account?

A: See that little icon of a person at the top right of our menu bar? (it’s just to the right of the “HELP” section) Click on that to log into your account.

When do I get my subscription box?

A: We deliver your monthly subscription box the first week of every month. You will be notified of your exact delivery date on the 1st day of the month. Our deliveries take place beginning on the first Monday of every month through to Friday, between 9am - 5pm. On your delivery day you we text you when your pizza stack is arriving. Cool, eh?

Can I choose when my pizzas come?

For now our delivery days are set based on postal code. But you can adjust the frequency if you find yourself running low delivery-to-delivery.

Can I skip a month?

If you want to go a month without pizza (gasp), log into your account, click “Manage Subscriptions,” scroll down and click “Manage upcoming orders” and then click skip next to the month you wish to skip. We’ll be here for you when you want more ‘za.

How do I change my pizza selections?

You can change your pizza selections month to month. Just remember to set your selections before the end of the month! If you do not change your pizza selections we will send you the previous' month's order.

To change your pizza selections, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your account (the little guy at the top right of our menu bar)

2. Go to "Manage Subscription" (on the right side)

3. Scroll down / click on "View Details" below your order information

4. Select "Manage upcoming orders" tab from options displayed

5. Click on "Make your selections" link

6. Make your selections and click on "Save Selections" button

You can edit your selections if you choose by going through the same steps and clicking on "Edit your selections" link. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log into your account. Find and click “Manage Subscription,” and then scroll down to find the “Cancel Subscription” tab. Click it and then click the red “Cancel Subscription” button. You know you can also "Pause" your subscription, right?

How do I update my billing info?

In your account, click “Manage Subscriptions” scroll to find the “Payment information” tab, click edit, and update your card number, expiry date, or address.

I moved but still want my pizza.

That’s not technically a question. But congrats on the move! Make sure you click on “Manage Subscriptions” (once logged into your account), scroll to find the “Address and shipping information” tab and click the “edit” button under your old address (and give us your new deets).

How do I add (or remove) pizzas from my monthly box?

We're working on making this process a smoother one. For now you will need to cancel your existing order and create a new one, with the desired pizza quantity. Here are the steps to take:

1. Login to your account

2. Go to "Manage Subscription" under "Account Details" on right side

3. You will see your order outlined with next payment details, click on "View Details"

4. Go to "Cancel Subscription" and follow the prompts to cancel 

5. Head back to the Subscription Page (menu bar > ORDER NOW)

6. Enter your postal code, choose your pizza and confirm your billing details.

7. This order will be added to your existing account and you will receive an order confirmation by email.

Once you've gone through these steps, we suggest you review "Manage Subscription" area to verify that your first order is indeed cancelled (if it's not, go ahead and press the cancel button again).

Your second order, with a different quantity should be there as well.

How big are your delivery boxes?

Your stack of pizzas will come in a pizza box’s pizza box, 10”x 10”x 10” (or 10” x 10”x 7” for 6 or fewer zas).

Can you make me any promises?

Of course! Our love-at-first-bite promise, as we call it, means if you don’t love your pizza, we’ll refund your order and cancel your subscription for you.

What time can I expect my subscription box on delivery day?

A: Our temperature-controlled delivery van will deliver your pizza subscription box between 9am - 5pm on your assigned delivery date. You will receive a text message first thing in the morning with a tracking link and estimated delivery time (with updates throughout the day).

Do I have to be home to accept my pizzas?

Well, depends on how hungry you are! We can leave your pizza box by your front door. Your stack of pizzas will be kept ice cold for up to 4 hours in our expertly packed boxes.

Sounds too easy. Are there any other tricks?

It really is too easy. Pop your za directly on the oven rack, and finish it under the broiler (on low) for 1 min. for best results. We also love to drizzle with high-grade olive oil. Go ahead and steal that idea.